Getting tired of the same old guest book?

Take a peek at the latest trends in wedding guest books.

-Have each guest sign a piece of fabric and then quilt all the fabric pieces together.

-Have your guests sign their names and/or thoughts around a picture of the two of you or around your invitation.

-Invite your guests to write wishes for you and hang them on a wishing tree or place them into a wishing vase.

-Snap photographs of your guests and place them into a scrapbook.

*One of my fellow collegues brought me on to this idea… thank you Heather!

-“Provide postcards for guests to complete with a special message and hang them on a tree. As a gift from a wedding guest, they’ll receive a new post card every week of their first year of marriage…” Jasmine Star

Photobooth scrapbook

-If renting a photobooth for your wedding, why not provide your guests with a scrapbook to place all of their pictures in from the photobooth.

-Have your guests sign on something that is meaningful to you and your fiancee. For example, I worked a wedding last year where the couple was really into extreme sports. They came up with a great idea to have their guests sign on a surfboard and snowboard. They now have their wedding memories out on display instead of on the bookshelf.

*Please feel free to email me with your ideas too.


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