How to personalize your wedding or event Part 3

December 26, 2008

Signature Drinks for your Wedding or Event

signature-drinkAfter the ceremony your guests are treated to a cocktail hour filled drinks, horsd’oeuvres and lots of mingling. Why not create fun signature drinks that everyone will be talking about all night long? It’s a great way to express the uniqueness of your wedding or event. 

Suggestions for your signature drinks: 

-Match your signature drink with your wedding theme. For a winter themed wedding, you may want to go with a Cosmopolitan, Hot Apple Pie Cocktail or a White Chocolate Martini.  For a beach-themed wedding, you may want to go with a Mojito or a Mango Martini.

-Harmonize colors from your wedding or event with the color of your signature drink, like a blue martini for example.

-Once  you and your fiancée have selected your signature beverages, create a distinctive name for your cocktails. For example:

Instead of a Mint Mojito call it a “matrimojito”

Instead of an Apple Martini call it a “Justini” (add in just the bride’s name, both the bride and groom’s names, or your new last name)

Love Potion #9

Sealed with a kiss

-Place the names of your signature beverages on a menu for all of your guests to see. Make sure to write the ingredients under each drink.

Here are some examples:


– Jazz up your signature beverages with a personalized parasol or tag. And if you’re feeling a little diy, here’s a link where you can create your very own drink parasols.


Here are some more drink tag samples that you can create to personalize your wedding or event:



Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend

December 22, 2008

diamond-ringWhat is that sparkler inside your stocking? A surprise? Could it be an engagement ring? It’s that time of year for giving and a popular time for engagements. Some of us will be stunned and some of us will have the option of picking the stone out ourselves. Either way it is important to educate yourself and your future fiancée before your engagement diamond is purchased. What kind of style or shape of stone is perfect for you? Here are some tips to keep in mind when purchasing a diamond.

The 4 C’s


Color describes the amount of color the diamond contains. This can range from colorless to yellow with slight tints of yellow, gray or brown.



Cut refers to the proportions, finish, symmetry, and polish of the diamond. These factors determine the fire and brilliance of a diamond. Well cut diamonds sell at a premium and poorly cut diamonds sell at discounted prices. With the advent of technology, the cut of the diamond can be determined through the use of the Dia-Mension system, a computerized system which takes accurate measurements and proportions of a diamond in seconds, in addition to the standard millimeter gauge. 


Carat is the unit of weight for all gemstones. One carat is subdivided into 100 “points”. Therefore a diamond measuring 75 points is 3/4 carat in weight, or 0.75ct. There are five carats in a gram. The word “carat” comes from the seed of the carob tree pod which is found in tropical climates. These seeds were used until this century to weigh precious gems. 


A diamond’s clarity is determined by the number, nature, position, size and color of internal characteristics called “inclusions” and surface features called “blemishes”. These irregularities occurred in the liquid magna (volcanic rock) within which the diamond was created. Clarity is measured on a scale ranging from pure (flawless) to heavily included (I-3). The clarity of a diamond is graded by using 10X magnification under good lighting by an experienced grader. The final clarity grade is usually determined by how easy the inclusions and blemishes are for the grader to see.



What kind of style or shape of stone is perfect for you?












How to personalize your wedding or event Part 2

December 9, 2008

One of my favorite parts to any wedding is the food (so you may be reading about many resourceful ideas about food). With that being said, why not personalize your wedding or event with Interactive Food Stations.  Interactive Food Stations can be presented in several ways: Kept open for the duration of the event;  planned as a late night snack – a nice surprise for guests who are beginning to experience hunger pains after dancing the night away,  or as a treat for the long road home. In any event, it’s your special day so personalize it by being creative! 🙂

Here are some suggestions:

A Candy Bar

candy-bar1Purchase glass containers in a variety of shapes and sizes and fill them with all of your favorite candies to match your wedding day colors.  Provide your guests with scoops to pack their favorite candies into a bag, box, or cheerful container. Top it off with an adorable label.

A Sweets Table

sweets-table Create a table filled  with your favorite treats like  cookies, cupcakes, candy apples,  brownies and cheesecake pops. My mouth is watering just thinking about all the goodlies! Then purchase containers and cake stands of varying heights in your theme or colors. Adorn with a beautful centerpiece. Lastly, make sure to make labels so your guests know what delights they are about to enjoy!

Ice Cream Sundae & Floats Bar

ice-creamCreate a station where your guests can make ice cream sundaes and old fashioned soda floats. You can provide a few of your favorite ice cream flavors, favorite beverages and be creative with the fix-ins.

Chocolate Fountain

chocolate-fountainHave an array of all of your favorite fruits, salty and sweet treats and prepare skewers for easy dipping. And if you like white chocolate as much as I do you can have it dyed (with food colors) to match your wedding and event colors.

Smores Station

smoresThis station can be done indoors, as shown in the picture, or even outdoors around a fire-pit.  A great way to get your guest socializing, while eating an old time favorite.
Donut Station
donutsHow cool would it be to eat warm, freshly made donuts at your event?!?!  I have tasted these on numerous occasions and they are simply to die for!!! They can be dipped in lots of different flavors, but my favorite is powdered sugar.  I heard a rumor that you can have candy bars fried too! Yum! Yum!
In and Out Truck
in-n-out-truckIn-N-Out Cookout Trailers are perfect for parties and other special events. You can enjoy the same delicious hamburgers, and cheeseburgers served in their stores, almost anywhere you want. Sorry no shakes or fries. 😦