How to personalize your wedding or event Part 3

Signature Drinks for your Wedding or Event

signature-drinkAfter the ceremony your guests are treated to a cocktail hour filled drinks, horsd’oeuvres and lots of mingling. Why not create fun signature drinks that everyone will be talking about all night long? It’s a great way to express the uniqueness of your wedding or event. 

Suggestions for your signature drinks: 

-Match your signature drink with your wedding theme. For a winter themed wedding, you may want to go with a Cosmopolitan, Hot Apple Pie Cocktail or a White Chocolate Martini.  For a beach-themed wedding, you may want to go with a Mojito or a Mango Martini.

-Harmonize colors from your wedding or event with the color of your signature drink, like a blue martini for example.

-Once  you and your fiancée have selected your signature beverages, create a distinctive name for your cocktails. For example:

Instead of a Mint Mojito call it a “matrimojito”

Instead of an Apple Martini call it a “Justini” (add in just the bride’s name, both the bride and groom’s names, or your new last name)

Love Potion #9

Sealed with a kiss

-Place the names of your signature beverages on a menu for all of your guests to see. Make sure to write the ingredients under each drink.

Here are some examples:


– Jazz up your signature beverages with a personalized parasol or tag. And if you’re feeling a little diy, here’s a link where you can create your very own drink parasols.


Here are some more drink tag samples that you can create to personalize your wedding or event:



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