How to personalize your wedding or event part 4

Escort Cards & Escort Card Table Displays

Before your guests are seated for dinner they will pick up escort cards; a card with their name and assigned table name/number. Here are some ways to personalize your wedding or event with unique escort cards and table displays.


Attach escort cards with pins or clips to a beautiful board covered with different colored ribbons or fabric. Hang your framed board on a wall or place it on an easel. Either way it’s not only a beautiful and creative way to showcase your escort cards, but also a great space saver.


Cards can be placed in a bed of sand, seashells, crystal beads, rocks, gravel, moss, wheat-grass, colorful fruit, coffee beans, bird seeds or flowers, just to name a few.


Embellish your cards with feathers, rhinestones, colored paper, fabric and ribbon. Use creative punches, cut-outs and scissors to create different shapes.


Be unique and use other elements to showcase your escort cards. You can use rocks, attach your cards to your guest’s wedding favors, attach a tag to a vase with flower, fruit, pumpkins, seashells or candles etc.


Hang them from ribbon, crystals, beads, branches or trees.

How will you personalize your escort cards?


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