Heels Above

March 25, 2009

heels-above-image-1 A few weeks ago, Nicole and Susie, creators of Heels Above, approached me about their new product and I just had to share it with you.  If  you’re getting married or celebrating an event outdoors , Heels Above heel tips will save your priceless shoes from sinking into cracks, rocks, dirt and grass. This would also be a novel gift for your bridesmaids and/or  friends.  You don’t know how many times I have attended outdoor events, with my heels sinking into the grass or mud, wishing someone would create a product like this.

 And Heels Above can:

-Save heels from sinking into grass, mud, cracks and more!

-Perfect for outdoor weddings, garden parties, cruise ships, etc.

-Discreet and re-usable

-2 different sizes included

-Storage pouch is included with purchase

Their site will be up in 4 weeks and the product will be available June 1st www.heelsabove.com  818.634.4784




Books That Inspire

March 15, 2009

book-imageIn my office, I have a library of inspirational books. I would like to start recommending books that would be motivational for brides or anyone planning an event.  One of my current favorites is,  “Style Your Dream Wedding” by Susie Coelho.  “Style Your Dream Wedding is the perfect tool to help any bride find her personal style and carry it through all aspects of her wedding. Finally, brides have the perfect resource to create the wedding of her dreams – no matter what the budget. ” Susie Coelho




 Pick one up today and let me know what you think. 😉

Wedding Planner Poll

March 11, 2009