My trip to New York

July 31, 2009

Sorry for the delay in blogging lately. I just recently returned from a long, truly needed vacation in New York! It was my first time and I had such an amazing experience. Now, I know when¬†you’re on vacation you’re not supposed to think about work and just relax, but I seem to somehow always be reminded of my amazing job as a wedding and event planner. Almost everywhere I turned I saw something that reminded me of a wedding or a party.

If you haven’t been to New York, you’ve got to go! It has amazing food, the city never sleeps and they have the most beautiful churches to get married in. Some are huge and ornate and others are small and quaint. So no matter what your guest count, there is a ceremony location for you to recite your vows in.

Here is a picture of my favorite church in New York, St. Patrick’s Cathedral. My jaw litterally dropped when I walked in and I just kept thinking to myself, what a beautiful aisle to walk down. ūüôā

 St. Patrick's Cathedral








Because I’m obsessed with cupcakes and cookies, I had to stop at all of the famous bakeries in New York. Our first stop was at “Magnolia Bakery”, where I had to try one of everything in the store.

Magnolia's Bakery






Our next stop was in Hoboken, New Jersey at a quaint little cake shop called,” Carlo’s Bakery”.¬†¬†Those of you who watch “Cake Boss” on TLC know just¬†¬†how amazing their design work is. I walked in the door and they had¬†the¬†most beautiful¬†cakes on display for every occasion, from birthdays to babyshowers, and of course weddings. It was really great experience.

¬†Here I am with my bestfriend, outside of Carlo’s Bake Shop. It was raining that day!

 Carlo's Bakery









Our last stop was at  the New York Public Library, where Carrie Bradshaw, from Sex and the City almost got married. Since this space is open to the public, events can not begin until an hour after the library closes.

Here are a few amazing shots of events taken place at the New York Public Library:

New York Public Library












Pictures courtesy of From left to right:

Christian Oth Studios, Peter Aaron ESTO, Glorimundi, David Sundberg ESTO,  Jeff Thomas/ Image Capture

 Check out the link below  for more information.

I’m ready to do a destination wedding in New York. Any takers?


Jack’s Candy Company

July 3, 2009

In September, A Stunning Affair is putting on a HUGE Carnival themed baby shower. My client and I are working hand in hand on the design and  when it came  time to designing her candy bar, I wanted to make sure that we found just the right types of candy and goodies to wow her and her guests. 

On Monday afternoon, we¬†took a trip downtown, Los Angeles, to Jacks Candy and Toy Company¬†.¬†¬†When we arrived we were greeted and asked if we needed any help.¬†¬†We then grabbed a cart and started going through the aisles. Each aisle was organized by candy type, the first aisle was¬†filled with Mexican candies, then came all of the¬†gummy candies, m&m’s in all colors, skittles, rainbow colored swirly pops, cotton candy bags and more. My client also wanted to fill some of¬†her apothecary jars with yoyos and bubbles for some of her younger guests attending the shower and we were able to find those there too.

Overall we had a great experience, and it was a lot easier for my client to visualize the sizes of certain items and how much she¬†really needed to buy,¬†instead of ordering it online. Not that ordering online doesn’t work for some, because it is very convenient, but if you are a very visual and hands on person,¬† and don’t want to pay extra for shipping, then I would highly recommend checking out Jack’s Candy and Toy Company.

Here is their contact information and you can also check them out online and see the names of all of the candies that they supply.

Jack’s Wholesale Candy and Toy Store

1244 East 8th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90021

(213) 622-9287

Plenty of free parking is available in their lot and their is also meter parking on the street.

Store Hours:

Monday -Friday: 6am-5pm

Saturday: 6am-4pm

Sunday: CLOSED