You’re Engaged… Now What???

This post is in honor of one of my girlfriend’s who recently got engaged. Congratulations Karina!!!

You  just got engaged and now what? You’ve probably just hit up the local Barnes and Noble and Borders for a stack of wedding magazines. Am I right?  While you’re there you have to pick up a fabulous magazine called, “The Bride and Bloom” it’s full of wedding ideas and inspirations. Your next step is to get organized.  I highly recommend creating a notebook with the following:

A 2  inch binder

A Notebook  Hole Puncher

A mini RSVP pen, by Pentel, that you can attach to your binder

A mini calculator

Dividers labeled with specific categories (caterer, rentals, florist etc)

Clear Protector Sheets for important documents

Extra lined paper, for notes, in the back of each section


Once you have your notebook in order, the next step would be to discuss your budget and guest count with your family members and your fiancee. Once that step is completed, it’s time for you to hire a wedding planner, so she/he can assist you in finding a location and amazing vendors.

Good luck and with your wedding planning and please know that I am here for any questions that you may have! 🙂


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