Fabulous Finds-Luke Sky-Walker Engravings

Last week I came across an amazing vendor whose work I fell in love with!

“Luke Sky-Walker Laser Engraving, created a new and unique way to invite friends, love ones, and the public to your special event.”

Frequently asked questions:

What types of materials do you work with? (engrave on?) laserable wood, acrylic, and glass

Do you work with us to create a custom design? Yes

How far in advance do orders need to be placed? 4 weeks prior to avoid the rush order fees from suppliers. But if the order is small, we may have some material at home. (we’re a home base business)

Can you create additional pieces to include with the invitation, such as a map/directions card and an accommodations card? Yes, we can do anything, but as of today we haven’t done a map or accommodation cards. It’s a lot cheaper in paper since guests usually end up throwing it in the trash.  The most popular are the RSVP cards, reception cards, and table numbers.

What other items do you create? Wow, where to start. We can personalized champagne bottles, cake sets, photo albums, picture frames, mugs/cups/shot glasses, mouse pads, t-shirts, cotton napkins, plaques, dog tags, tiles. We can also do cutouts of any shapes in wood and acrylic.  I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting a lot of things, but you can always email me or call me at 310-844-8104 my phone is on 24/7, unless I’m in the movie theater, parent mtg, or therapy with my sonJ

How long does the order take to make? 2 weeks is our norm after we receive the materials.  But if the client wants other items personalized that is not an invitation, we can do in a day or so.  For example, in August we engraved 105 shot glasses in 2 days.

What do the invitations start at? or a price range? Invites range from $3.00 – $15.00 depending on the art work and font style. Other items like RSVP’s or reception cards start as low as $1.00. The table #’s sometime can cost as much as an invitation, since the design and font are at a larger scale.

What is the average price for postage? We’ve had some RSVP’s with regular postage, but invite sets are more costly depending on how the client is shipping them.  I think the last time I mailed one for my own river center event, it was $1.75. It was a 4×6 invitation in a white shipping box stuff with colorful shredded paper.

Pictures of their work:





For more information: www.lukeskywalkerlaserengraving.com



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