The Importance of a Wedding Coordinator by Guest Blogger:Reverend Leslie Bockian

One of my colleagues, Reverend Leslie Bockian, of A Joyful Wedding, posted this information for all of her clients, that I simply had to share with you.


The bride and groom had hired a great wedding coordinator who organized everything, handled the wedding rehearsal, and made it all go super-smoothly.  Unless you’re having a very small wedding, a wedding coordinator is well worth adding to your budget.  That professional touch will make everything much easier on you and your wedding attendants, and let you enjoy a relaxed, stress-free celebration.

FAQ: What exactly does a wedding coordinator do?

Most wedding coordinators will provide a range of services, depending on what you want.  They can just step in at the very end to conduct your rehearsal and keep things running smoothly on the day of the wedding, OR they can plan the whole thing:  suggest locations, find vendors for you, make all the arrangements, and organize the entire day, so that all you have to do is show up!  And best of all, the coordinator will “trouble shoot” for you during the wedding, so if the decorators don’t know where to put the balloons, or a bridesmaid needs to safety-pin her hem, or anything else, you have someone who will take care of it calmly, without you needing to deal with it.  You can relax and just enjoy getting married!

Well said!!!


One Response to The Importance of a Wedding Coordinator by Guest Blogger:Reverend Leslie Bockian

  1. You’re awesome Lina, we wouldn’t of had an awesome event without you.

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